HBU Webinar: Living with Hepatitis B – Cultural Barriers, Stigma, and Institutional Discrimination

Watch this interactive session to learn more about overcoming hepatitis B-related stigma and discrimination. Speakers discuss cultural barriers unique to AAPI communities, cases of hepatitis B-related discrimination, and protection of the rights of individuals living with hepatitis B under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Video recording: Living with Hepatitis B: Cultural Barriers, Stigma, and Institutional Discrimination
Presentation Slides:
Hepatitis B Stigma and Discrimnination; Joan Block
Barriers, Stigma, and Discrimination; Nadine Shiroma
Hepatitis B and the ADA; Susana Lorenzo-Giguere


Hep B Hangout: GIS Mapping and Viral Hepatitis Programs and Policy

Guest speakers working to address hepatitis B across the country discuss developing and applying geographic information systems (GIS) to inform viral hepatitis programs and policy. View the speakers’ presentations to learn more about using GIS maps to analyze and describe the local epidemiology of viral hepatitis.

Presentation Slides:
Geospatial Analysis of Hepatitis C in Connecticut: A Novel Application of a Public Health Tool; Stacey Trooskin
Mapping; Daniel Chen
Use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Hepatitis B Surveillance; Andrea King & Janette Yung




HBU Webinar: Collecting and Using Hepatitis B Screening Data for Research and Policy

Watch this interactive session to learn more about the process of collecting hepatitis B screening data and contributing to research and knowledge. Speakers discuss best practices for data collection at community-based hepatitis B screening settings, applying for Institutional Review Board approval, and managing and publishing hepatitis B data.

Video recording: Collecting and Using Hepatitis B Screening Data for Research and Policy
Presentation Slides:
Disaggregated Data; Christine Harley
Intro to IRB; Amy Jessop
Data Collection – The Nuts and Bolts; Karen Kim
Data Management & Publication; Chari Cohen



Hep B Hangout: Best Practices in Community-Based Hepatitis B Screening

Listen in as guest speakers working to address hepatitis B across the country discuss effective strategies on conducting community-based hepatitis B screening and education. In this interactive session, you will learn more about building community partnerships, setting up hepatitis B testing and educational events, follow-up and linkage to care processes.

Video recording: Best Practices in Community-Based Hepatitis B Screening
Presentation Slides: Hep B Hangout



HBU Speakers Bureau Orientation

This training discusses new hepatitis B and media-related tools and resources including talking points, the CDC’s Know Hepatitis B campaign, media/interview tips, and media engagement opportunities. Learn more about HBU’s Speakers Bureau.

Video recording: HBU Speakers Bureau Orientation
Presentation Slides:
Hep B United Overview; Kate Moraras
Speakers Bureau Overview; Michelle Ninde
Know Hepatitis B Campaign Overview; Sherry Chen
Asian Media Overview; Hiroko Hatanaka
Toolkit: HBU Speakers Bureau Toolkit


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