HBU Hangout: Combating Hepatitis B Among High-Risk Communities: A Government-Community Partnership

In this interactive session, you will learn about about a unique government-community partnership, new multilingual hepatitis B educational resources, and local efforts to increase awareness and encourage hepatitis B testing.

Video recording: Combating Hepatitis B Among High-Risk Communities 
Presentation Slides:
Developing CDC’s Know Hepatitis B Campaign; Sherry Chen
Hep B United Philadelphia; Pavitri Dwivedi
HBI-Minnesota; Dan-Tam Phan-Hoang


HBU Webinar: Hepatitis B Patient Navigation Programs

In this interactive session, you will learn more about new tools and resources, including a hepatitis B patient navigation manual, and navigation strategies and programs implemented in Chicago and New York City.

Video recording: Hepatitis B Patient Navigation Programs 
Presentation Slides:
NYC Patient Navigation Programs; Nirah Johnson
Chicago Patient Navigation Programs; Karen Kim


HBU Speakers Bureau

Hep B United’s Speakers Bureau was created to address hepatitis B in Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities across the United States. Spokes people engage with ethnic media and help to ensure effective outreach, dissemination and coverage of information about hepatitis B.

Video recording: HBU Speakers Bureau 


HBU Hangout: Social Media Strategies to Increase Awareness about Hepatitis B

In this interactive session, you will learn more about setting up your social media plan, developing your organization’s personal style of engagement, and how to get involved in #hepbunite!

Video recording: Social Media Strategies to Increase Awareness about Hepatitis B 
Presentation Slides:
Using Twitter Strategically; Amanda Carnes
HBF Social Media; Maureen Kamischke
Presentation-Social Media for Hep B United; Thaddeus Pham



HBU Webinar: Hepatitis B and Liver Cancer Connections

In this interactive session, you will learn more about the link between viral hepatitis and liver cancer, liver cancer prevention programs and resources, and how you can get involved in an upcoming awareness campaign.

Video recording: Hepatitis B and Liver Cancer Connections
Presentation Slides:
Hepatitis B and Liver Cancer Connections; Anu Hosangadi
Think About the Link; Kennesha Baldwin

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