HBU Webinar: Hep B United Mini Grants – Expanding Reach One Grant at a Time

This session discusses local hepatitis B coalition efforts to reduce the barriers associated with hepatitis B in their communities. Three recipients of the Hep B United Mini-Grant Program share their challenges and successes in diverse programming to expand hepatitis B screening, education and awareness to communities in Chicago, IL, Houston, TX, and St. Paul, MN. Learn about the 2017-2018 Mini-Grant process through Hep B United!

Video recording: HBU Mini Grants: Expanding Reach One Grant at a Time
Presentation Slides:
HOPE Clinic, Houston, TX; Cathy Phan
Midwest Asian Health Association, Chicago, IL; Hong Liu
HBI-Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN; Dan-Tam Phan-Hoang

Recap of May 24 Congressional Briefing: Conquering Hepatitis B Now! A Roadmap for a Cure 

The Hepatitis B Foundation launched its national Hep B Cure Campaign which features a consensus research agenda that outlines top scientists’ priority research recommendations for hepatitis B and liver cancer. The cure research agenda is highlighted at a Congressional briefing, hosted by the Foundation in collaboration with the Congressional Hepatitis Caucus, Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, Senator Mazie K. Hirono, and with the support of the National Viral Hepatitis Roundtable, and the Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations.

Hep B Cure Campaign Overview

Presentation Slides:
Time to Eliminate Hepatitis B; John Ward, MD, Director, Division of Viral Hepatitis, National Center of HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Roadmap for the HBV CureAlan Brownstein, MPH, Vice President of Public Policy, Hepatitis B Foundation

HBU Webinar: #justB Real People Sharing their Stories of Hepatitis B

In May 2017, the Hepatitis B Foundation launched #justB – the first national, multi-lingual storytelling campaign aimed at raising the profile of hepatitis B as an urgent public health priority. The campaign features real stories of everyday people from across the country who have been affected by hep B and want to share their stories to educate communities and inspire action! This session provides an overview of #justB and features three storytellers from the campaign

Video recording: #justB: Real People Sharing their Stories of Hepatitis B
Presentation Slides:
#justB: Real People Sharing their Stories of Hepatitis B

HBU Webinar: Hepatitis Delta: The Hidden Epidemic

This session focuses on hepatitis B global epidemiology, as well as hepatitis D testing, management and treatment. This interactive session discusses how we can work together to improve awareness and testing for HBV co-infection, and the goals of the Hepatitis B Foundation’s Hepatitis Delta Connect program.

Video recording: Hepatitis Delta: The Hidden Epidemic
Presentation Slides:
Hepatitis Delta: The Hidden Epidemic – Epidemiology, natural history, virology and a historical perspective on treatment; Robert G. Gish

HBU Webinar: Eliminating the Public Health Problem of Hepatitis B and C in the United States

This session, co-hosted with the National Viral Hepatitis Roundtable, presents a community discussion on the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine’s consensus report, a National Strategy to Eliminate Hepatitis B & C in the United States. The final phase two report discusses ways to reduce the barriers and provides a national elimination strategy.

Video recording: Eliminating the Public Health Problem of Hepatitis B and C in the United States
Presentation Slides:
A National Strategy for the Elimination of Hepatitis B and C; Brian Strom

HBU Webinar: Screening for Hepatitis B in Clinical and Community-Based Settings

This session presents models to increase hepatitis B screening among communities at high risk for HBV infection. Panelists discuss community-based screening models and the effectiveness of non-clinical versus clinical settings in screening for hepatitis B.

Video recording: Screening for Hepatitis B in Clinical and Community-Based Settings
Presentation Slides:
Hepatitis B Control Across Clinical and Non-Clinical Settings; Karen Kim
Screening for Hepatitis B in Community-Based Settings Guidebook; Jane Pan
A Comparison of effectiveness of HBV screening and linkage to care among foreign-born populations in clinical and nonclinical settings
HBI-DC Guidebook


HBU Webinar: Building and Maintaining a Hepatitis B Coalition

This session presents strategies for building and maintaining local hepatitis B coalitions from two experienced Hep B United Coalition members. Panelists share tips and best practices for sustaining hepatitis B coalitions in New Jersey and Washington State.

Video recording: Building and Maintaining a Hepatitis B Coalition
Presentation Slides:
New Jersey Hepatitis B Coalition; Wen-Chi Chen and Ruth Brogden
Washington State Hepatitis B Coalition; Mohammed Abdul-Kadir


HBU Webinar: Innovative Strategies for Using Health IT to Identify and Manage Disparities in High Risk Populations

This session presents a community health center-based health information technology and electronic health record system designed to increase hepatitis B screening, vaccination, and treatment. Panelists also discuss a pilot project that examines the collection of non-clinical or social determinants of health data and the potential impact on patients living with hepatitis B.

Video recording: Innovative Strategies for Using Health IT to Identify and Manage Disparities in High Risk Populations
Presentation Slides:
Collecting Social Determinants of Health Data Using PRAPARE; Rosy Chang Weir
Reducing Hepatitis B Disparities Through Health IT at Community Health Centers: HIT-B Project; Mariko Toyoji

HBU Webinar: Clinical Trials – What They Mean for the Hepatitis B Community

In Part 2 of this 2-part webinar series, expert speaker Dr. Moon Chen, Professor and Director for Cancer Control, UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center, discusses strategies to motivate individuals with hepatitis B and their providers to participate in clinical trials.

Video recording: Clinical Trials – What They Mean for the Hepatitis B Community
Presentation Slides:
HBV Clinical Trials and Why They Are Important; Moon Chen and Robert Gish

HBU Webinar: Current and Future HBV Treatment and Research Towards Finding a Cure

In Part 1 of this 2-part webinar series, expert speaker Dr. Timothy M. Block, Co-Founder and President of the Hepatitis B Foundation and President and Director of the Baruch S. Blumberg Institute, discusses hepatitis B drugs in development.

Video recording: Current and Future HBV Treatment and Research Towards Finding a Cure
Presentation Slides:
Understanding New Medicines to Treat Chronic Hepatitis B: Toward a Cure; Timothy M. Block




HBU Webinar: Bring it Home! Strategies to Work with Your Local Policymakers on Hepatitis B

In this interactive session learn about advocacy strategies at the city and state levels on policies that impact hepatitis B, including best practices from New York City’s hepatitis B advocacy initiatives.

Video recording: Strategies to Work with Your Local Policymakers on Hepatitis B
Presentation Slides:
How to Work with State/Local Policymakers on Hepatitis B; Isha Weerasinghe
Best Practices from NYC’s Hepatitis B Advocacy Initiative; Niki Bannister
Template Letter – Policymaker Site Visit Request
Template Letter – Requesting a Meeting with Policymaker

Recap of 2016 Hep B United Summit

In late July, during World Hepatitis Day 2016, the fourth annual Hep B United Summit convened in Washington D.C. and dozens of advocates met with federal officials and brainstormed strategies to increase screening, immunization and linking people to care to eliminate hepatitis B across the country. Read the summit report here.

Presentation Slides:
The State of HBV in the WorldBrian J. McMahon, MACP, FAASLD, Medical Director, Liver Disease & Hepatitis Program, Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium
Joint Hep B United and Know Hepatitis B Campaign Accomplishments; Cynthia Jorgensen, DrPH and Sherry Chen, MPH, CHES, CDC Division of Viral Hepatitis; Chari Cohen, DrPH, Director of Public Health, Hepatitis B Foundation

Developing New Partnerships and Increasing Awareness
Circles within Circles: Opportunities for Intersections; Thaddeus Pham, MPH, Co-Director, Hep Free Hawaii

Leveraging Data and Evaluating Impact
The ABC’s of Data Collection and Dissemination; Moon Chen, PhD, Director, AANCART and Chari Cohen, DrPH, Director of Public Health, Hepatitis B Foundation

Building and Sustaining Local Hepatitis B Coalitions
Lessons from the Hepatitis B Coalition of Washington; Mohammed Abdul-Kadir, MPH, MSIS, Coordinator, Hepatitis B Coalition of Washington, International Community Health Services

Navigating Patients and Linkage to Care Strategies
Navigating Strategies & Linkage to Care for Hepatitis B; Karen Jiobu, DLM (ASCP), Asian American Community Services (Columbus, OH)
NYC Check Hep B Patient Navigation Program; Nirah Johnson, LCSW, Director, Capacity Building & Program Implementation, Viral Hepatitis Program, New York City Dept. of Health



HBU Hangout: Combating Hepatitis B Among High-Risk Communities: A Government-Community Partnership

In this interactive session, you will learn about about a unique government-community partnership, new multilingual hepatitis B educational resources, and local efforts to increase awareness and encourage hepatitis B testing.

Video recording: Combating Hepatitis B Among High-Risk Communities 
Presentation Slides:
Developing CDC’s Know Hepatitis B Campaign; Sherry Chen
Hep B United Philadelphia; Pavitri Dwivedi
HBI-Minnesota; Dan-Tam Phan-Hoang



HBU Webinar: Hepatitis B Patient Navigation Programs

In this interactive session, you will learn more about new tools and resources, including a hepatitis B patient navigation manual, and navigation strategies and programs implemented in Chicago and New York City.

Video recording: Hepatitis B Patient Navigation Programs 
Presentation Slides:
NYC Patient Navigation Programs; Nirah Johnson
Chicago Patient Navigation Programs; Karen Kim



HBU Speakers Bureau

Hep B United’s Speakers Bureau was created to address hepatitis B in Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities across the United States. Spokes people engage with ethnic media and help to ensure effective outreach, dissemination and coverage of information about hepatitis B.

Video recording: HBU Speakers Bureau 



HBU Hangout: Social Media Strategies to Increase Awareness about Hepatitis B

In this interactive session, you will learn more about setting up your social media plan, developing your organization’s personal style of engagement, and how to get involved in #hepbunite!

Video recording: Social Media Strategies to Increase Awareness about Hepatitis B 
Presentation Slides:
Using Twitter Strategically; Amanda Carnes
HBF Social Media; Maureen Kamischke
Presentation-Social Media for Hep B United; Thaddeus Pham

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 Pictures from HBU’s 2nd Annual Summit

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