2014 – 2016 Hep B United Strategic Plan

Hep B United’s 2014-2016 Strategic Plan was developed in alignment with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Action Plan for the Prevention, Care & Treatment of Viral Hepatitis. The community strategic plan responds to strategic priority areas established at the national level and coordinates activities of Hep B United member coalitions.

Hep B United’s Strategic Priority Areas:

  1. Educating Providers and Communities to Reduce Health Disparities 

Goal 1.1: (Community Education) Increase the number of people who know their HBV status in foreign-born communities, particularly Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander (AA&NHOPI) communities

Goal 1.2: (Provider Education) Increase proportion of providers who routinely screen their foreign-born, particularly Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AA&NHOPI) patients for HBV

  1. Improving Testing and Linkage to Care to Prevent Hepatitis B-related Liver Disease and Cancer

Goal 2.1: (Screening) Increase the number of individuals in high-risk ethnic communities who know their HBV status

Goal 2.2: (Care) Provide opportunities for all infected and susceptible individuals to access clinical care, management, and obtain vaccinations.

  1. Eliminate Perinatal Transmission

Goal 3: Elimination of Perinatal HBV Transmission

  1. Strengthen Surveillance to Detect Viral Hepatitis Transmission and Disease

Goal 4.1: Develop an accurate and comprehensive picture of chronic HBV infection in the U.S.

Goal 4.2: Advocate for enhancing the national HBV surveillance system

***Hep B United members meet annually to review and update its priorities and activities.


 Pictures from HBU’s 2nd Annual Summit

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